Which Service Is Right For Me?

When you need help, sometimes you don’t know where to start.  We specialize in being able to provide comprehensive care that can serve your needs. Whether in your home, an assisted living, or a skilled nursing facility,  we have Registered Nurses and Education Specialists that can come meet you to figure out what services best help you at this moment in time.  You can call us anytime at 512.815.9009, 7 days a week!

Read on further for a brief overview of our services.

Home Care

Home Care Services are personal assistant services provided in any setting.  To our team personal care means just that: care that is personal to you and your needs. We listen to what is best for you. This is a process that doesn’t always start overnight. Let us have that conversation with you or your loved one. We are extremely flexible, and want to do what’s best for you, from one hour at a time, to 24/7 care. Services in this category are billed to you, the client, or to your long-term care insurance, if you have it. Services include showering assistance, dementia care, fall risk prevention, companionship, transportation, light housekeeping, cooking, and medication reminders.

Home Health

These services are covered by Medicare or your health insurance carrier, and are most often after a surgery, hospitalization, recent illness or new diagnosis.  Patients are at home, or in an assisted living, and need a nurse, physical or occupational therapy, to help them recover.  Speech Therapy, Home Health Aide, Dietician, and Social Worker are also available if need be.  The goal of Home Health Services is to improve the patient’s health from current baseline, educate about new health problems and how to manage them, prevent falls and hospitalizations, and provide a safety health network for those who are not able to leave their home easily or safely.


These services are for patients who have been given a life expectancy of less than six months.  While you can live much longer than that on hospice, you must have a disease process that typically is in its last stages.  Our services in this category are designed to help you live each moment that you have to the fullest.   This means our goals are to keep you pain-free, physically supported, mentally supported, and spiritually supported.  We combine integrative medicine with traditional medicine to complete your care plan as a team.  Change can be a scary thing, and we want to help you and your family find the beautiful moments in life’s transformations.