Why Us?

Hal • cy • on:
A period of time that is idyllically happy and peaceful.

We are a group of highly educated and trained medical, business and eldercare professionals, with busy, stressful lives who came together because we had been caregivers for our loved ones.  We saw a need for something better in Austin. We needed quality people to help us, and we couldn’t find them through any agency, we had to go hand-pick them ourselves. Whether it’s shopping or errand-running for an executive, cooking for or bathing a loved one, home management, or providing medical advocates for any illness, we assure you we bring a level of service you have never experienced before.

Halcyon Home was created to bring the most exceptional care to your home and your loved ones. Halcyon was the Greek god who calmed the seas in order to allow the mystical beautiful kingfisher bird to lay its eggs, and that time of year was referred to as the halcyon time of year. We hope to create a peaceful, idyllic setting for you even in the hardest or most stressful of times, in order to allow you to enjoy your life to its fullest.


Why Choose Halcyon Home?

Sometimes it seems that every company is the same and you can’t find anyone that is really superior. We have actually been there ourselves. We know that having people listen to your needs is really important. There is no one-size fits all, and we are flexible. We customize each service to your needs, and have no daily minimum amount of hours required.

▣ Our Management

We believe that all management should lead by example, and we are run clinically trained management wealth of knowledge in home health, hospice, senior care, client management, health care, elder care, nutrition, and home care management. We know the difference between average performance and exceptional service delivery. With our varied healthcare experience, we are skilled at listening, assessing the situation, and problem-solving.

Our CEO is a graduate-level physician assistant with a degree in Nutrition Science, and master’s in Health Science. She practiced for 10 years in gynecologic oncology and gastroenterology before going into a geriatric speciality. She has spent her career focused on how to provide evidence-based improvements to healthcare, specifically in home health and hospice. She is passionate about providing customer service-based quality care with improved outcomes. She strives to continually improve her management team’s strategies to raise the level of care provided in the industry.

▣ Our Staff

A critical component of quality care is the people we hire to provide that care. Halcyon Home is committed to hiring the best people in the industry, training them to deliver care with a focus on customer service and quality, and providing them with a happy, supportive environment to work in. We have succeeded in making Halcyon Home a superior place to work at, and are able to recruit top candidates in every field.

▣ Our Sense of Community

We are locally owned, not a franchise. Many of us have ties to the community through work, family and philanthropy. Our team makes a difference because we care about you and our reputation within this community.

▣ Our Commitment to You

  • Evaluate each situation and need with a unique focus on health and well-being
  • Solutions that will help clients save money and live better
  • Innovative communication that will reduce frustration and neglect
  • Open-minded and creative solutions
  • Work together as a team with family, friends, and clients
  • Give families confidence that the job is well done
  • Treat every client as part of our family